We at AWJ Innovation strive to create real value and achieve progress for the people we serve. We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships that help clients discover uncommon growth through innovation, capacity building that amplifies Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) to drive progress in dynamic and precise ways. By creating and delivering programs and projects, we strengthen talents, create new businesses, and foster business opportunities.

Building Competitiveness, Fueling Sustainable Growth


We reflect Oman’s vision by enhancing local talents’ capabilities to global standards— a commitment rooted in our heritage.


We are breaking new ground extends to setting industry standards, fostering opportunities for growth, and taking the lead in shaping the future.


We leverage collective expertise to create valuable opportunities and deliver impactful solutions in the consultancy landscape.


We strive to stay ahead, embracing emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that set industry standards.

Our Experts​

Picture of Dr Abdulmonam Al Hasani

Dr Abdulmonam Al Hasani

Picture of Dr. Yousef Al Balushi

Dr. Yousef Al Balushi

Picture of Dr Christopher Moody

Dr Christopher Moody

Picture of Dr Antnio Garza

Dr Antnio Garza

Picture of Dr Costas Chryssou

Dr Costas Chryssou

Picture of Dr. Nathan Pike

Dr. Nathan Pike

Our Competitive Advantages​

Deep understanding of the region with local and international market intelligence

Diverse Collaborative Expertise for Disruptive Innovation

Global Advisory Team

Guided Growth via Strategic Benchmarking

Full range of tailor-made services specific to companies needs

Transforming Ideas into Tangible Reality

We accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth

Identifying Growth Pathways

Evolving business

Delivering Exellecene

Driving Organizational Transformation


Our Team​

Picture of Eng. Humoud Al Shukeiry

Eng. Humoud Al Shukeiry

Picture of Ahmed Al Bausaidi

Ahmed Al Bausaidi

Picture of Talib Al Abri

Talib Al Abri

Picture of Eng. Yousuf Al Ibrahim

Eng. Yousuf Al Ibrahim

Picture of Ketna Hajiri

Ketna Hajiri

Picture of Eng. Rawan Al Salmi

Eng. Rawan Al Salmi

Picture of Eng. Fahad Bin Uraba

Eng. Fahad Bin Uraba

Picture of Eng. Moahmmed Al Amri

Eng. Moahmmed Al Amri

Picture of Manal Al Riyam

Manal Al Riyam