We focus on empowering the potential of Youth, Businesses, and Brands, by leveraging our global expertise in consulting, experience, and creative capabilities to drive our clients towards achieving their goals with a focus on long-term and sustainable success.

Building Competitiveness, Fueling Sustainable Growth


We reflect Oman’s vision by enhancing local talents’ capabilities to global standards— a commitment rooted in our heritage.


We are breaking new ground extends to setting industry standards, fostering opportunities for growth, and taking the lead in shaping the future.


We leverage collective expertise to create valuable opportunities and deliver impactful solutions in the consultancy landscape.


We strive to stay ahead, embracing emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions that set industry standards.

Our Works

AWJ Innovation delivers solutions
that ignite transformative change, enhance market significance,
and propel sustainable growth in different Industries.

Our Services

AWJ Innovation offers a comprehensive suite of services
tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of our clients.
Drawing upon our extensive expertise and innovative approach,
we excel in the following key areas:

Consultation In Science, Technology and Innovation

Innovative Capacity Building Programs

Innovative Technical Solutions

Our Local & Global Networks ​

Our Clients​

Social Media