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Innovative Capacity-Building programs

Overcoming Skill Gaps and Fostering Innovation: .NextJadeer's Impact on Oman's Job Market and Tech Entrepreneurship"

In a dynamic landscape of diverse industries and amidst the rapid integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and 4th Industrial Revolution, traditional educational pathways frequently encounter challenges in aligning with the evolving demands of the modern labor market.

Innovative Capacity-Building Programs

Aerohack: The largest aviation HACKATHON powered by AWJ Innovation

AEROHACK, the largest aviation HACKATHON organised by Oman Airports in collaboration with AWJ Innovation and .Nxt Ventures, stands as a beacon of innovation within the aviation and aerospace industry. This extraordinary event brings together a diverse spectrum of problem solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, tech developers, and designers, all united by a shared vision to revolutionize the aviation landscape.

Innovative Solutions

Addressing Knowledge Transfer Challenges through the Inauguration of a Dynamic Technology Transfer Office ​

GUtech and AWJ Innovation joined forces to establish GUtech Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in September 1, 2020. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical industry applications. The TTO serves as a structured mechanism to facilitate the seamless transition of academic research into tangible innovations, propelling GUtech into a new era of impactful knowledge transfer and positioning it as a dynamic hub for innovation and industry solutions.

Innovative Capacity-Building Programs

First Gulf Urban Planning Hackathon: Fostering Innovative Urban Challenges For Better Communities

The inaugural Gulf Urban Planning Hackathon, organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and powered by AWJ Innovation, was held from October 28th to 31st, 2023. This event marked a significant stride in addressing urban development challenges within Oman. It brought together 80 talented individuals from across GCC to brainstorm, innovate, and devise solutions that align with Oman Vision 2040 and the Ministry’s Spatial Strategy.

Innovative solutions ​

A Qualitative Leap In The World Of Building And Construction Through The First 3D Printed Building In The Middle East ​

Through a highly successful collaboration with the German University of Technology in Oman (GUETCH), we proudly unveiled the inaugural 3D printed building in the Middle East. This landmark project stands as a testament to the seamless synergy among academic circles, consultants, and sector experts, uniting their expertise to pioneer innovative technologies within the construction sector.

Innovative solutions

Empowering Oman's Gig Economy: How .NXT GIG is Shaping the Future in Alignment with Oman Vision 2040

In the vibrant landscape of Oman, .NXT GIG emerged as a pioneering platform, seamlessly connecting top-tier freelancers with high-potential projects. Born out of a vision for accessibility, speed, and accomplishment, this Omani market stands as the gateway for individuals and businesses to expand their horizons and achieve goals on their terms, all while working remotely.