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Overcoming Skill Gaps and Fostering Innovation: .NextJadeer's Impact on Oman's Job Market and Tech Entrepreneurship"


In a dynamic landscape of diverse industries and amidst the rapid integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and 4th Industrial Revolution, traditional educational pathways frequently encounter challenges in aligning with the evolving demands of the modern labor market.

.Nxt JADEER Program for Entrepreneurial Development is strategically crafted to address the challenges posed by the evolving entrepreneurial landscape.


The challenge of aligning graduate skills with current job requirements is a pressing issue in today’s international job market, especially in rapidly evolving technologies. This misalignment isn’t just contributing to high unemployment rates; it’s also acting as a barrier, limiting opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in cutting-edge fields.


DotNext JADEER” is a distinguished national capacity-building program that empowers young Omanis by nurturing their entrepreneurial and skills development capabilities in frontier technologies. The program introduces participants to new job opportunities in both local and global markets, addressing challenges faced by young Omanis. It offers a clear, integrated path for developing the necessary skills to adapt to evolving market demands and future job opportunities.