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the largest aviation HACKATHON


AEROHACK, the largest aviation HACKATHON powered by Oman Airports in collaboration with AWJ Innovation and .Nxt Ventures, stands as a beacon of innovation within the aviation and aerospace industry. This extraordinary event brings together a diverse spectrum of problem solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, tech developers, and designers, all united by a shared vision to revolutionize the aviation landscape.


The aviation industry is in a constant state of evolution, with trends and technologies advancing at a rapid pace. This dynamic environment poses a unique set of challenges, including the need for innovative solutions to address the ever-changing demands of airport operations. Oman Airports, committed to excellence and innovation, recognizes the importance of positioning itself as a regional and global leader in aviation innovation.


AEROHACK serves as a platform for visionaries to shape the aviation ecosystem of tomorrow. Through a sprint of ideation and groundbreaking solutions, AEROHACK has harnessed the collective genius of participants to develop 16 innovative ideas that reimagine the passenger experience, airport operations, airport entertainment, loyalty, retention, automation, efficiency, and transport beyond the airport. These ideas showcase the transformative solutions born from the collaborative efforts of forward-thinking individuals in the aviation industry.


AEROHACK explores a wide range of themes that are instrumental in shaping the aviation industry’s future:

  • Reimagining the Passenger Experience: Innovations to enhance the traveler’s journey.
  • Reimagining Airport Operations: Solutions for more efficient and streamlined airport processes.
  • The Future of Airport Entertainment: Elevating the passenger experience with cutting-edge entertainment options.
  • Marketing, Comms, Loyalty, and Retention: Strategies to engage and retain passengers.
  • Automation, Efficiency, and Cost Reduction Solutions: Optimizing airport operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sustainability and Environment Solutions: Initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of aviation.
  • Transport Beyond the Airport: Exploring seamless connectivity beyond the airport.
    Safety, Security, Cyber, and Privacy: Innovations to ensure the highest standards of safety and security.