Dotnxt Program for Entrepreneurial Development in Frontier Technology.

The .nxt program has been designed, developed and implemented by the Science, Technology and Innovation Division (STID) of ETCO (International Emerging Technology Company) and it is exclusively sponsored by Occidental Oman.

Duration: 4 – 5 Years.

Client: Oxy.

This program aims to close the gap between the current higher education programs and the needs of the future economy through two programs, one for technical university students and one for recent technical graduates. AWJ Innovation (STID), as an Endowment and Philanthropic company, will identify and fill gaps in the innovation underpinning of the Sultanate. STID creates and delivers programs and projects to strengthen the talent base of young Omanis, create new businesses and business opportunities. By driving new, disruptive technologies the Company and country will benefit and grow with these changes, creating new jobs and wealth in the Sultanate.