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First Gulf Urban Planning Hackathon: Fostering Innovative Urban Solutions for better communities


The inaugural Gulf Urban Planning Hackathon, organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and powered by AWJ Innovation, was held from October 28th to 31st, 2023. This event marked a significant stride in addressing urban development challenges within Oman. It brought together 80 talented individuals from across GCC to brainstorm, innovate, and devise solutions that align with Oman Vision 2040 and the Ministry’s Spatial Strategy.


Urban planning is pivotal for nations globally contending with challenges from rapid population growth. The need for innovative solutions is clear as urban spaces struggle with issues of transportation, space-efficient parking, and sustainable development. Engaging the collective thinking of the youth is crucial in crafting adaptive solutions to meet evolving societal needs. From addressing the escalating demand for efficient parking to balancing industrial growth with environmental sustainability and integrating urban agriculture, effective urban planning emerges as the linchpin for building resilient, sustainable, and dynamic urban spaces.


The First Gulf Urban Planning Hackathon stands as a pivotal response to the pressing urban development challenges facing Oman. This transformative event emerged as a direct outcome of recognizing the escalating demands placed upon urban spaces.

Bringing together 80 exceptionally talented individuals from across the GCC, the hackathon served as a dynamic platform for collective brainstorming, innovation, and the strategic formulation of solutions. It was a momentous stride in proactively addressing the evolving needs of Oman’s urban landscape, aligning with the overarching vision encapsulated in Oman Vision 2040 and the Ministry’s Spatial Strategy. The outcomes of the hackathon not only represent a testament to collaborative problem-solving but also underscore a tangible commitment to shaping a sustainable, resilient, and future-ready urban environment for Oman.


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