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Addressing Knowledge Transfer Challenges through the Inauguration of a Dynamic Technology Transfer Office


GUtech and AWJ Innovation joined forces to establish GUtech Technology Transfer Office (TTO) on September 1, 2020. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical industry applications. The TTO serves as a structured mechanism to facilitate the seamless transition of academic research into tangible innovations, propelling GUtech into a new era of impactful knowledge transfer and positioning it as a dynamic hub for innovation and industry solutions.


n the landscape of academia, a discernible gap has long persisted between theoretical knowledge and its practical applications in industry. Despite the inherent strength and insightfulness of academic research, the seamless transition into tangible innovations has proven challenging. This struggle can be attributed to the absence of a structured mechanism for effective knowledge transfer.


The TTO acts as a dynamic platform for technical skills exchange, industry-sponsored research, and consulting arrangements, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

An exemplary outcome of this initiative is the completion of the world’s largest 3D-printed building using real concrete. GUtech applied the D.fab solution developed by COBOD and CEMEX, allowing for cost-effective printing with locally sourced materials.