Aerohack from Oman Airports set to kick off at OCEC

19th October 2023

Powered by AWJ Innovation, Oman Airports will organise the “Aerohack from Oman Airports” event on at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC), which is the first ideas race of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman specialising in developing ideas in the airport sector.

This event aims to attract an elite group of innovators, technology developers, designers, students, emerging, small and medium-sized companies, and university students. Through this event, Oman Airports seeks to record its national commitment to projects to enhance innovation in the world of transportation and explore new horizons of constructive partnerships with innovators in this aspect.

The Aerohack event revolves around a set of innovative themes and topics, including reimagining passenger experiences and airport operations, the future of airport entertainment, excellence in marketing and communications, customer loyalty programs, and automation, efficiency and cost-reduction solutions. The most prominent focus will be on sustainability, expanding transportation options outside the airport, and enhancing safety, security and electronic privacy, all of which are areas in which the participating teams presented their ideas.

Registration of participating teams began from July, 2023. Ideas were evaluated and the 50 most creative were selected, after which communication was made with the owners with the aim of developing them, for resubmission.

The second stage of selection was on September 2023, when the best 15 ideas were selected, after which intensive workshops were held for the teams to develop and reformulate their ideas.

The 15 teams that qualify for the finals of the event will undergo an intensive experience during the two continuous days before the end of the program to develop and formulate their ideas through workshops and specialised guidance provided by specialists in the fields of developing ideas and commercial projects in order to present their final presentations before the jury on the second day of the event.